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How does CloudCart Coins make gifting affordable?

At CloudCart.Online We believe gifting is about making memories and bring joy to special  moments but sometimes giving a gift is burden of sorts having to worry about digging into your salary or swiping that credit card you already in overdraft with.

With CloudCart Coins we help make buying that next gift a little less financial and more about the joy in the special occasion. No matter what there is always a time for gifting so prepare today to worry less tomorrow. Gift a gift without worry.  

Subscribe to as little as 50 CloudCart Coins a month to start preparing for your next gift. A small start makes a big difference.

How Does a CloudCart Voucher Work?

CloudCart.Online isn’t your typical voucher CloudCart. Online is your gateway to online vouchers made simple.

A single Voucher gives you access to a host of leading online stores, Working with South Africa’s leading online stores to provide a seamless redemption process all while using your CloudCart.Online voucher. With our growing range of online stores weekly and monthly we continue to give you access to the widest range of products under a single voucher.

And yes, every time we introduce a new store your existing unused CloudCart.Online voucher will now work at our newly listed stores too. Making our voucher like a good wine, better with age.

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How Simple is the CloudCart Voucher to use

We want to help deliver joy though the perfect gift to anyone anywhere which is why we have worked hard to simply the process.

Step 1: Choose the occasion you wish to gift for

Step 2: Personlise the card to make it special, add it to your cart and checkout.

Step 3: On the specified day of your choosing we deliver the digital gift straight to their favourite device.

Step 4: The voucher will automatically loaded making it one less thing for them to worry about.

Step 5: They can visit CloudCart.Online and find the store of their choice and begin shopping immediately or they can wait for the perfect deal to pop up and wait till then.